Arjun Talwar y Bigna Tomschin  SUIZA 82'




Creation documentary that focuses on the story of a group of sailors who decide to move to a desert island lost in the Baltic Sea, in search of a freedom that has no more limits than those that mark nature itself.


Overcome by the beauty of a land that is for them a kind of lost paradise, they do not realize that their dream is slowly becoming a nightmare. When they finally accept their failure, they return to the mainland and a way of life that no longer brings them anything.


They find it difficult, if not impossible, to give meaning to a way of life that they now feel like a prison; They find it overwhelming to reflect on a dream that has escaped their hands. The new home of these sea lions is an old ship in the port of a town that seems to have lost its soul. At night, they meet at the dock to drink beer and talk about an island that no longer exists; a remote universe in which beauty and freedom go hand in hand. Are all the Islands the same? Can you survive on an Island when your idyllic and utopian dream doesn't come true?

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