The theme of the scripts is completely free and may belong to any genre.

All works submitted must be original. In the event that the contestant uses a novel, a story or some text by another author as the basis of the script, the contestant must include in his registration the corresponding authorization of the author of the original work.

All scripts must be written in Spanish or English.

The works must be submitted in the format of a cinematographic literary script, according to industry standards. Scripts that do not have an appropriate format will be automatically disqualified.

Storyboards or technical scripts will not be accepted.

The scripts must have a maximum length of 10 pages, not counting the cover and the synopsis page.

Only files in PDF format will be accepted. The cover will indicate the title and name of the author as well as his postal address, email and telephone. The synopsis will have a maximum length of 15 lines.

The criteria for the evaluation of the inscribed scripts will be:

Professional format.


Cinematic visualization.


The jury's decision is final

The author of the script will always have the rights to it. The scripts presented, once the festival is over, will be deleted.

The transfer of data to the producers IBIZACINEFEST and EIVISSACINEMA is authorized by the mere fact of participating in the contest, in case they find any script that is of interest to produce and thus negotiate with the screenwriter this option.

Of all the scripts presented, the organization will select three finalists. These finalists will be invited to the festival, an invitation that includes airfare and hotel. The finalists must “pitch” their script before a court that will consist of jurors and a scriptwriter of recognized prestige.


The prize consists of an aid for the production of the award-winning short film valued at € 1,000 including taxes. In addition, the short film will participate in the contest in the next edition of the festival where its screenwriter and director will be invited to present it.


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